JavaScript – Dynamic updates with comboboxes

Here is an example of changing a second combobox in response to a first combobox’s selection change. The first set of fields only changes contents when the value of the field is committed. The second set does this more dynamically.

This code sample is posted here for the general benefit of the PDF development community. Attribution and usage guidelines are as noted in the code source; please respect the wishes of the author when using this code.

/* This version updates a secondary combobox based on the entry
** selected by the user dynamically. The keystroke event should
** be processed until the value is about to be committed (as
** indicated by event.willCommit). */

if (!event.willCommit) {
var f = this.getField('Four');

/* In a keystroke event, event.change contains the non-export
value of
** the item selected by the user. */
switch (event.change) {
case 'Cities':
; f.setItems(['Paris', 'Berlin', 'Amsterdam',
case 'Fruit':
; f.setItems(['Bananas', 'Mangos', 'Strawberries',
case 'Garden Tools':
; f.setItems(['Hoe', 'Rake', 'Leaf blower',

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