Jan. 16 is early reg. deadline for Microtype’s PDF-oriented seminars

Friday, January 16 is the deadline for earlybird discounted registration for a pair of upcoming multi-city and multi-date Microtype seminars, led by Shlomo Perets, being held as follows:

Creating Interactive PDFs with InDesign CS

  • Houston, Texas: February 28
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: March 6
  • Boston, Massachusetts: April 19
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: May 1
  • London, England: May 19

This seminar focuses on InDesign CS capabilities with respect to interactive/online PDFs, and ways to augment these or add missing features in Acrobat when necessary. Topics include: design goals, metadata (DocInfo fields), page labels, bookmarks & links, named destinations, using buttons (form fields) for enhanced interactivity/rollovers, movies & sound files, page actions and layers; what to avoid; testing your PDFs.

FrameMaker-to-Acrobat Advanced Techniques Seminar

  • Houston: February 24-25
  • Indianapolis: March 3-4
  • Boston, Massachusetts: April 20-21
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: April 28-29
  • London, England: May 17-18

The FrameMaker-to-Acrobat Advanced Techniques seminar are designed for users with a good working knowledge of FrameMaker and Acrobat, who would like to create and maintain high-quality, interactive Acrobat PDF files. Participants learn a multitude of undocumented techniques, creative solutions and tips and tricks for defining all Acrobat features in the FrameMaker source file so that they are automatically and consistently reproduced in the PDF file when the source is updated.

For more details, feedback from past participants and registration forms, visit http://www.microtype.com.

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