ISO gives Adobe PDF thumbs-up

The International Organization for Standardization voted in December to approve PDF 1.7 as an international document format standard, and will meet in late January to iron out the technical details of moving PDF 1.7 from Adobe to ISO management.

Stephen Partridge, the Business development Manager for Acrobat in the United Kingdom noted the ISO approval on his blog, and cited the vote was 13 to 1 in favor and the PDF will become the ISO 32000 Standard.

Additionally, Adobe PDF Architect and a Senior Principal Scientist, and blogger Jim King has much more in-depth detail in terms of the vote breakdown and the ongoing work in relation to the ISO 32000 Standard on his blog.

King has been nominated by the US Committee to be the technical editor, and stated in his blog that he will be meeting with the International working group on ISO 32000 in late January 2008.

King also wrote on his blog, ‘This fast track process to move PDF 1.7 from Adobe ownership to that of ISO is not the normal hammering out of the technical details for a new standard that many committee members are accustomed to. The current objective is to move PDF 1.7 to ISO management unchanged. Some experts feel that some of the choices that have been made in PDF are wrong and should be changed or improved, especially when it comes to digital signatures. OK. But we cannot change it as we move it or we can run the risk of making it not apply to those billions of PDF files currently in existence. After ISO owns it, we can carefully work out backward compatible changes to fix things people feel need fixing. That will be ISO 32000-2 the second ISO release.’

As evidenced by King, Adobe although now relinquishing the proprietary control over the format, will still very much be actively participating in the ISO committees and revisions to the standard.

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