Introducing Planet PDF’s Learning Centers

PDF emerged as a core technology for the modern business environment in the mid 1990s. Since then, PDF has matured, and moved well beyond the orignal task of placing ink on paper. Today, PDF meets the needs of enterprises large and small, in almost every aspect of their regular business processes.

Due to popular demand for expanded editorial coverage of information and resources on the world’s most popular document format, Planet PDF, the world’s most popular web site for information and news about PDF technology, is launching a series of Learning Centers for organizations seeking to improve their use of electronic documents.

Beginning with the ‘Introduction to PDF and Acrobat’ Learning Center, Planet PDF will add new Learning Centers over time to deliver vital information and resources to creative, developer, enterprise and government decision-makers about PDF technology.

Already the best site on the web for articles, tips, tricks, hard-won advice, software reccomendations and case studies to help further popular understanding of the power of the PDF format, Planet PDF is here to help everyone from creative professionals to CEOs understand the possibilities so they can the most out of PDF.

What are the Goals of the Learning Centers?

  1. To assist those exploring the vast potential for electonic document technology
    in their organization.
  2. To survey and provide context for the many resources available to PDF users,
    free, paid and otherwise.
  3. To advance understanding of the power of the PDF format, and its use in
    business communications.
  4. To provide real-world examples of how PDF helps organizations save money
    and communicate more effectively every day.
  5. To identify and showcase special topics of relevence to electronic documents
    in general and PDF in particular.
  6. To offer ways to get issues considered by the best minds in the electronic
    document space.

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