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PDF files are ubiquitous. Pay slips, bills, reports, newsletters, brochures, bank statements, calendars, forms, manuals and maps are just a few examples of how we interact with PDF files everyday. Simply put, they are everywhere, whether you like it or not.

And it’s only natural that with frequent use of PDFs you’ll inevitably end up having a few questions about how to perform certain tasks, how to fix annoying problems or even which tools your peers recommend for your PDF-related projects.

That’s why we’re launching a new question and answer site, using an exciting new platform that is optimized explicitly for this purpose. In other words, we are launching a site that is designed to answer all of your PDF related questions.

Is this another Forum?

No, it’s not. The primary goal behind the Planet PDF Q&A platform is to get the best possible answers to every answerable PDF question out there. Think of it like Wikipedia. You don’t go to Wikipedia so that you can read the discussions that go on behind the scenes for each topic. You go there to get direct knowledge about a specific topic.

The most important word in the paragraph above is answerable. This isn’t a discussion forum. We’ve already got the Planet PDF Forum for that. This is a platform for clear and concise questions that can be answered in a definitive and canonical way.

How do you define a good question?

A good question is clear, concise and not subjective. For example:

Good: What is the keyboard shortcut for selecting the Edit Object tool?

Bad: I can’t work out how to decode JBIG2 image compression. Can you help me?

The first question can be answered with a definitive response. The second question will require numerous back and forth replies before the question can be answered in a clear way. In other words, the first question is ideal for the Planet PDF Q&A platform, while the second is better suited for posting to the Planet PDF Forum.

Reputation, voting and moderators

Each time you post a question or answer or add a comment, you will receive reputation points. These reputation points gradually give you extra power on the forum. Eventually you will be granted moderator privileges by the reputation system, allowing you to close questions, ban users and more.

Keep the streets clean

It’s also a question and answer site that makes use of wiki technology (that’s right, you can edit other peoples answers once you have enough reputation). This means that spelling mistakes can be fixed and questions and answers can be improved so that they are more readable.

Duplicate questions will be closed by moderators, so make sure that you do a reasonable amount of searching through old questions prior to asking a new question.

Planet PDF Forum

For years you’ve been able to ask all of your PDF questions on the Planet PDF Forum and the expert PDF community has provided you with knowledgeable answers. That’s not going to change. The Planet PDF Q&A is not a replacement for the Planet PDF Forum. It’s a modern supplement to it.


We hope that you enjoy using Planet PDF Q&A and make it part of your daily web reading habits.

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