Inserting Pages Using Acrobat

Although you can combine several documents into a single PDF file called a binder, you don’t have to combine complete documents. You can quickly add particular pages to a document using the Pages pane.

  1. In the Pages pane, click the page before the location where you want to insert additional pages. For this example, we want the first of our new pages to follow page 3, so click page 3’s thumbnail picture.

  2. In the Pages pane, choose Options > Insert Pages. The Select File To Insert dialog opens (Below). Locate the file you want to use and click Select. The dialog closes, and the Insert Pages dialog opens.

Select a file to insert into an open document

Note: If you choose a PDF document, the pages are added immediately. If you choose another type of file, the document is converted to PDF before the process continues.

  1. Specify the location where you want to add the document. The default is After; because we selected page 3 before opening the dialog, the Page radio button is automatically selected and 3 appears in the text box (See below). The page will be inserted after page 3.

If you select the page thumbnail, the Page option is already enabled when you open the dialog.

  1. Click OK to close the Insert Pages dialog. Acrobat adds the page to your document; as the Pages pane (Below) shows, we now have four pages.

The new document page is added at the location you specify, in this case, at the end.

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