Indigo Eight releases AjaxPDF 2.0

Rhode Island-based Indigo Eight Software has announced the release of AjaxPDF 2.0, the latest update to its ASP.NET control for displaying PDF documents.

The updated release now adds features for applying digital signatures to PDF documents within the Web browser. The signed PDF document can then be saved to a signer’s local drive, emailed or saved to a secure location.

AjaxPDF enables users to generate a digital signature certificate on the fly or integrated with an authentications system where a pre-existing certificate is used.

AjaxPDF 2.0 also features new display options for the PDF document. The PDF document can be display in-line within the document as well as displayed in a movable window which can be resized or expanded for easier viewing. The window feature gives users the ability to mimic the look and feel of common operating system’s windows or be customized to meet a site’s specific design theme.

AjaxPDF 2.0 also feature a PDF document library which enables storage of PDF documents in an isolated location and provides a simple interface for loading, saving and displaying PDFs without requiring access to write to the Web server. This storage is accessible only through the AjaxPDF application which gives users a secure alternative to shared or hosted file systems.

The latest release is compatible with Adobe Reader 7.0.9 or later including the upcoming Adobe Reader 9.0. AjaxPDF 2.0 supports the version 2.0 through 3.5 of the Microsoft .Net framework.

AjaxPDF 2.0 pricing starts at $249 (US) and more information can be found at the Indigo Eight website.

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