Including offsite reviewers

You may be collaborating with offsite employees, independent contractors, or clients who don’t have access to your internal servers. Take advantage of the flexible review features in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 to collect comments from people who don’t have access to the server you use for your browser-based review.

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  1. Move the Adobe PDF file offline.

    Double-click the FDF (Form Data Format) file in the e-mail message that describes the browser-based review process. Acrobat 7.0 opens the Adobe PDF file to review in the browser. Click Save And Work Offline on the Commenting toolbar. Save the PDF document to your hard disk.

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  1. Distribute the PDF file to reviewers.

    Attach the PDF file to e-mail messages for reviewers who don’t have access to the server. Be sure to provide instructions in the message, including the deadline for review comments and how to return comments.

    To export comments from Acrobat 7.0, choose Comments > Export Comments > To File.

    Reviewers send comments in PDF attachments, unless the PDF file exceeds the file size specified in the Send Comments As FDF option in Reviewing preferences, in which case comments are sent in FDF files. FDF files include only the comments or form data that you’ve added to a PDF file. When you open an FDF file, Acrobat locates the PDF file on which it is based and then integrates the two files. FDF files are typically much smaller than PDF files.

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  1. Import reviewers’ comments.

    When you receive an e-mail message from a reviewer with a PDF or FDF file attachment, double-click the attachment to open it. In the Merge PDF dialog box, click Yes to import the comments into the original PDF file. Import the comments from all reviewers into the same file.

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