Include Adobe Reader users in reviews

Do you need to include someone who doesn’t have Adobe Acrobat in the review of a document? Using Acrobat 7.0, you can make commenting tools available to reviewers who use free Adobe Reader 7.0.

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  1. Prepare the draft.

    Create the document in an authoring application, such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word. Then, save the document as a PDF file using the Adobe PDF printer, PDFMaker, or an export option. Open the PDF file in Acrobat 7.0 Professional.

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  1. Open the wizard.

    Click Send For Review in the Tasks toolbar and then choose Send By Email For Review. (If you don’t see Send For Review, choose View > Toolbars > Tasks to show the Tasks toolbar.) Acrobat starts the Send By Email For Review wizard. If you haven’t used the wizard before, you may be prompted to enter your contact information and e-mail address.

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  1. Add reviewers.

    In the Getting Started window of the wizard, verify that the PDF file selected is the one that you want to distribute for review, and then click Next. (If the PDF file listed is not the one that you want to distribute, click Browse and select the file.) Then, in the Invite Reviewers window, enter e-mail addresses for reviewers, using commas to separate the addresses. Click Address Book to select addresses that you’ve stored in your e-mail client application.

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