Immersive Design offers interactive 3D PDF generation

Massachusetts-based Immersive Design has released IPA 8.1, which incorporates support for interactive 3D PDF and U3D generation. IPA gives users the ability to generate interactive 3D documentation and enhance their existing documents for training and promotional purposes. When used in conjunction with Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0, IPA 8.1 adds the ability to quickly create interactive 3D PDF files that can be used by anyone with free Adobe Reader 7.0 software.

‘Immersive Design focuses on mainstream uses of a manufacturing company’s 3D engineering data — in service manuals, assembly process documents, part selection catalogs. Outside of engineering, people demand a document with which they feel comfortable — and that basically means PDF,’ says Greg Smith, CEO of Immersive Design. ‘The combination of interactive 3D content generated by IPA v8.1 and the advanced review and commenting tools and document security controls found in Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 provide manufacturing companies with a powerful tool communicating their product information.’

IPA 8.1 is currently available.

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