Iceni launches word processor for PDFs

Iceni (, a UK-based software developer, recently launched Infix, a word processor for PDF that features professional quality hyphenation and justification, search and replace and a built-in spell checker. Infix doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat, and can be used to edit and reflow text in PDF files without having to return to the original document to make changes.

The Windows-only, stand-alone application can also be used to replace images and manipulate graphics, and includes all the tools needed to make light work of revising product manuals, catalogues, brochures and any other PDF documents that would otherwise take hours to reconstruct.

‘We all know Adobe’s PDF is a great way to distribute documents,’ says Guy Bushnell, director of Iceni, ‘but making changes to existing PDFs can be a real headache, especially when you simply want to rewrite some text. Often, there’s no alternative but to rebuild the PDF from the original documents — provided they still exist, which isn’t always the case! Infix avoids this problem and meets a long-standing market need.’

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