IAC – Importing single pages

How to import a single page many times

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Option Explicit ' Force variable declaration

' Author : Planet PDF

' Date : 11 February, 1999

' Description: ImportTheSamePageManyTimes

' This vb method uses IAC to import a single page many times into a given

' PDF. This method / function should be extended to suit the requirements

' of an organisation

Private Const WORKING_PATH = 'c:temp'

Private Const SOURCE_FILE_NAME = 'source.pdf'

Private Const SOURCE_PAGE_TO_INSERT = 1 ' one based


Private Const TARGET_FILE_NAME = 'source.pdf'

Private Const TARGET_PAGE_TO_INSERT_AFTER = 2 ' one based

Private Sub HowToImportTheSamePageManyTimes()

Dim AcroExchApp As Object

Dim AcroExchPDDocTarget As Object

Dim AcroExchPDDocSource As Object

Dim strSourceFileName As String

Dim strPath As String

Dim strTargetFileName As String

Dim iSourcePageToInsert As Integer

Dim iTargetPageToInsertAfter As Integer

Dim iInsertCount As Integer

' Create our Exchange application object (this starts Exchange)

Set AcroExchApp = CreateObject('AcroExch.App')

' And our PDDoc object

Set AcroExchPDDocTarget = CreateObject('AcroExch.PDDoc')

' Show the Acrobat Exchange window


' Set the path *** this shouldn't be hardcoded in a real application


' Set the target file

strTargetFileName = TARGET_FILE_NAME

' Set the page to insert after (note this is being converted to base 0)

iTargetPageToInsertAfter = TARGET_PAGE_TO_INSERT_AFTER - 1

' Open the target file (the file that we wish to insert pages into)

If (AcroExchPDDocTarget.Open(strPath + strTargetFileName) = False) Then

MsgBox 'Could not open ' + strPath + strTargetFileName

Exit Sub

End If

' Set the source filename

strSourceFileName = SOURCE_FILE_NAME

' Open the source file (that contains the page we wish to insert)

Set AcroExchPDDocSource = CreateObject('AcroExch.PDDoc')

If (AcroExchPDDocSource.Open(strPath + strSourceFileName) = False) Then

MsgBox 'Could not open ' + strPath + strSourceFileName

Exit Sub

End If

' Set the page number to insert (note this is being converted to base 0)

iSourcePageToInsert = SOURCE_PAGE_TO_INSERT - 1

' Insert the page 'NUMBER_OF_TIMES_TO_INSERT' times


' Insert the pages

If (AcroExchPDDocTarget.InsertPages(iTargetPageToInsertAfter, AcroExchPDDocSource,
iSourcePageToInsert, 1, True) = False) Then

Next iInsertCount

' Close the source document


' Save the entire target document where it was ***** note this saves over the top of the existing file

AcroExchPDDocTarget.Save &H1, strPath + AcroExchPDDocTarget.GetFileName

' Close the PDDoc


' Close Acrobat Exchange


' Cleanup the Acrobat objects

Set AcroExchApp = Nothing

Set AcroExchPDDocTarget = Nothing

Set AcroExchPDDocSource = Nothing

End Sub

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