A question that is receiving increased attention throughout the PDF industry is the underlying threat of HTML 5 to the PDF format.

With the evolution of tablet and mobile web browsing, HTML 5’s interactive component makes the visual consumption of content highly appealing. But can HTML 5 replace PDF as the most used format for distributing paper based workflows?

I am of the conviction that HTML will not replace the PDF; rather, it will complement the file type where necessary.

PDF2HTML5 Converter is an Internet based application that supports advance HTML 5 integration in your content distribution.

There are certain advantages that platform dependent apps will continue to have over HTML 5.

  • Ubiquitous on PCs & Mobile.
  • Viewing bundled on all major mobile devices.
  • Native support on Mac OS x, IOS Chrome – and coming to Windows 8 & Mozilla.
  • High functionality viewers available from Adobe & 3rd parties.
  • International standard for government & industry.
  • Legislated by over 40 countries all around the world.
  • Mandated in numerous industries (e.g legal, pharmaceuticals etc).
  • Over 500 million PDF’s on the Internet, billions behind firewalls & continually growing.

The most important one that I would like to highlight is the monetization process that is excluded when accessing HTML 5.

With app stores and native apps hooked into services like iTunes that have your credit card linked to the account, native apps are just much easier to monetise than HTML5. This could have significant impact in the way Internet based services interact and accept HTML 5 as the Internet standard.

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