HTC Flyer tablet powered by Foxit’s PDF technology

Foxit Corporation, a leading provider of PDF solutions, has announced that the default PDF viewer on HTC’s newly released Flyer tablet is powered by Foxit’s popular PDF technology. Over the past few years, Foxit has optimized its PDF technology to improve performance on resource-limited tablets and mobile devices. The viewer gives users the ability to view, highlight and annotate PDF documents.

The key features of default PDF Viewer on HTC Flyer include:

  • High-quality rendering — The software handles transparency, smooth shading, dash patterns, embedded fonts and other document features, and provides high-quality rendering
  • Text selection and highlights — The PDF viewer allows the users to select and highlight text using their magic pen on the tablet screen
  • Sketch layer — The software provides the users with an option to either save annotations and text highlights as a separate layer or incorporate them into the document as a single flat layer

For more information on Foxit’s PDF solutions, please visit Foxit website.

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