Highlighting important PDF elements

When you are reading through a document for research in the hard copy world, you will generally make a copy that you can annotate, to highlight important passages and make your own comments in the margins. Similarly, if you have a contract or other document whose content you need to review, you might want to highlight or underline key phrases to make comments about their wording. How does this translate into a PDF-driven electronic workflow?

In Acrobat — or even Reader in specially-enabled documents — it’s a cinch to highlight, underline or strike-out text. The Highlighter, Underline and Cross-Out Tools can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. Select Comments > Commenting Tools > Highlighting, then select the desired tool.
  2. U activates the highlighting tool button and Shift + U cycles through the various highlighting options.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate tool, simply drag the mouse to select the appropriate text and Acrobat will do the rest!

Note: The keyboard shortcuts assume that single-key accelerators are active. If you are unsure, select Edit > Preferences > General, and ensure that the ‘Use single-key accelerators to access tools’ option is checked.

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