Hewlett-Packard posts Father’s Day freebies in PDF

If commercial greeting card companies had their way, every week or weekend would be cause to celebrate some pseudo-event or respect-seeking group of people, to be properly commemorated (at the very least) by the delivery of a relevant, message-bearing card.

While some of the more overtly fabricated ‘holidays’ are easily ignored, there are a few that have been firmly established as red-letter dates on most calendars, creating annual expectations and/or obligations for both senders and receivers. At least in the United States, this coming weekend brings another of the popular ‘honor’ events: Sunday, June 20 is Father’s Day 2004.

HP Father

For those who struggle each year to remember the date — HINT: always the third Sunday in June — and thus fail to acquire an appropriate greeting card (if not a meaningful gift), there are now a range of Web sites offering last-minute ideas and/or downloadable reprieves.

For users of Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader, one face-saving option is Hewlett-Packard’s ‘Creative Projects‘ Web site that offers a selection of free creative templates and ideas, including a variety of print-ready greeting cards and photo frames and other
assorted options Some of the cards are editable PDF templates, allowing procrastinating users to enter a personalized message before printing (or electronic delivery for Reader-savvy dads).

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