GWG releases whitepaper on PDF/VT, PDF variable data printing standard

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has released a whitepaper that explains PDF/VT, the ISO standard for use with PDF-based variable data and transactional printing.

The whitepaper describes the purpose and nature of PDF/VT, and outlines how it can serve to render variable data and transactional printing workflows more reliable. According to the GWG, at least one vendor’s products are currently creating fully compliant PDF/VT files, and several other developers are on the verge of delivering a competitive range of creation tools, workflow and digital front end (DFE) updates.

‘There is no doubt there will be significant competitive advantage for those who jump on this now,’ said GWG chairperson, David Zwang, speaking of the benefits of early adoption of PDF/VT. ‘The big names — the usual suspects — are already getting ready, and many who are members of the GWG are ahead of the game, anyway.’

PDF/VT over other solutions is essentially platform-agnostic, which offers an advantage over alternative technologies, which tend to be vendor- or process-specific. As outlined in the whitepaper, PDF/VT was designed to allow for a unified workflow for both static and variable data/transactional printing.

The whitepaper can be downloaded for free directly from the GWG site.

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