GstarCAD2012 now supports PDF to DXF conversion

Gstarsoft, a leading provider of 2D & 3D CAD solutions, announced that GstarCAD2012 now features a new PDF to DXF conversion functionality. Gstarsoft has developed an add-on called PDF2DXF which is tightly integrated into GstarCAD2012. GstarCAD is a powerful CAD software built on IntelliCAD technology for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries.

PDF2DXF is a powerful function developed for users who often need to convert PDF-based CAD drawings into DXF files. The converted DXF files can be edited through GstarCAD2012 and saved as DWG files. The new add-on delivers accurate extraction of all CAD entity-types such as text, diagrams and images. In case of raster PDF files, the add-on generates exact image which can be used as a tracing layer in target applications such as GIS.

Read more about this software at GstarCAD website.

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