Google’s Chrome now with integrated PDF viewer

The Google Chrome team announced on 4th November that they have added an integrated PDF viewer to the Chrome beta channel. This allows users to open PDF documents in the browser without any need for additional software or any plug-ins.

Google confirmed that they have built an additional security layer called a ‘sandbox’ around the Chrome PDF viewer to help protect users from malware and malicious attacks. The Google Chrome team also said that the PDF document will load as quickly and seamlessly as a normal web page in the browser.

The new version of Chrome browser is 7.0.517.44 and is currently available only in the beta channel of the Chrome releases. However, the new version is available to developers or those who wish to try out new features.

The news was first posted on Google Chrome team blog

Earlier in June 2010, Google announced its initial plan to build support for viewing PDF in its Chrome browser.

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