GoodReader for iOS adds file-level security

It has been announced that GoodReader, a popular PDF viewer for iOS devices, now utilizes iOS’s ability to secure individual files, ensuring that important data remains secure even in the event that the iOS device is lost or stolen.

The process of securing documents is relatively simple. Basically, the user selects which files and folders to secure, and GoodReader tells iOS to transparently encrypt them. After encryption, files are protected when the user locks the device with a passcode. One benefit of using the native iOS encryption feature is that protected and unprotected files open at the same speed, so once set up, users shouldn’t notice any dip in performance.

If you are like me, and haven’t yet put a passcode on your iOS device (in my case, an iPhone), it’s worth thinking about doing so now — whether or not you are interested in using GoodReader. In fact, I just set one then!

‘This new feature blends perfectly with our recent addition of secure SFTP file transfer and synchronization, offering enterprise users a high level of confidence in their data safety,’ said Yuri Selukoff, the developer of GoodReader.

Security might be the headline addition, but the ‘below the fold’ new features include the ability to ‘flatten’ PDF annotations in order to embed them into PDF documents. This process allows them to be seen in any PDF viewer — including those like the iOS Mail and Safari apps, which can’t normally display annotations.

The app can be purchased from the iTunes App Store, and you can read more about GoodReader at the official website.

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