Global Graphics unveils Jaws PDF Server Toolkit

Global Graphics has unveiled Jaws PDF Server Toolkit, a powerful new tool for enterprise applications and workflows. It allows organizations to implement a convenient and reliable way for employees and MIS departments to create secure documents for collaboration, communication and storage, by incorporating Global Graphics proven and robust PDF generation into their server-based or end-user document workflow solutions.

Jaws PDF Server Toolkit [PDF: 332kb] provides the PostScript to PDF conversion component in a workflow where the PDF file generation parameters can be fully customized. Typically, an integrator creates a system that generates PostScript files from authoring applications, which then are delivered to Jaws PDF Server toolkit for PDF conversion. Integrators have the flexibility to add a variety of processes around Jaws PDF Server Toolkit such as interactive end-user options, addition of pdfmarks and file routing, to build a complete document workflow solution.

‘Integrators will be impressed with the freedom that this server Toolkit provides,’ says Nik Stanbridge, product manager for Jaws PDF Technologies. ‘It enables PostScript to PDF conversion to take place on the server efficiently and reliably and is easy to integrate into document solutions, opening up PDF functionality to any enterprise workflow.’

Key features

The compact and self-contained PDF files created using Jaws PDF Server Toolkit can be distributed, viewed, edited, stored, published onto Web sites and CD-Roms and printed on any printer.

Key features include:

  • Support for the PDF 1.5 specification and 128-bit encryption to enable a high level of flexibility and security
  • PostScript to PDF conversion providing high-quality rendering; robust font support; and, support for PDFmarks resulting in intelligent PDF files containing document structure features such as bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Programmatic control of PDF configuration so that files are automatically optimised for high-resolution printing, printing to desktop printers, web publishing, archiving etc.
  • Reliable font embedding and powerful image compressing capabilities
  • Flexible workflow trigger options allow PDF creation to be added seamlessly anywhere in a workflow application
  • Flexible end-user interaction options allow the software developer or system integrator to determine the level of user interaction
  • Ease of integration of the product either using the supplied command-line application or using the programmatic access to the methods and functions in the toolkit.

Compatibility and availability

Jaws PDF Server Toolkit expands on the platform support for PDF creation functionality available from Global Graphics to the enterprise market and includes support for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Linux and Sun Solaris 7 and higher (SPARC). It will be available from the beginning of May 2005 from Authorized Resellers and Distributors.

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