Global Graphics releases new version of Jaws PDF Creator

Global Graphics has released a new version of its desktop PDF creation software. Jaws PDF Creator 4.0 boasts new features aimed at business and prepress users. These include enhancements to the product’s existing PDF-creation macros for Microsoft Office and compatibility with PDF 1.5.

Global Graphics provides a range of pre-press plug-ins so that users can create or validate specific types of PDF files that conform to industry standards or specifications. Configurations necessary to create PDF files to match the Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG) Version 2 (2004) and Version 3 (2005) profiles are now an integral part of Jaws PDF Creator v4.0. Users can customize their settings by selecting which configurations they wish to import, and then, when generating the PDF file, they simply select the profile they need for the job, for example, magazine advert, newspaper advert, or four color sheet fed etc.

Jaws PDF Creator 4.0 is currently available for Windows, with the Mac version expected later this year.

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