Ghent PDF Workgroup releases Proof of Preflight spec

Ghent PDF Workgroup has announced the release of its free and first ‘Proof of Preflight’ specification.

When used in tandem with existing software solutions, the best practice specification lets users review a PDF file’s preflight audit trail, including a digital signature, at any time during the design to print workflow, according to Ghent.

The process verifies the GWG preflight specification used to preflight the file and the results of the preflight check.

The newly released specification has an open design that enables its use across different vendor workflows. The digital signature uses algorithms defined in the PDF 1.7 or earlier specification and supported in Adobe Acrobat through Acrobat 8.0. The signature is also compatible with all requirements from the PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3, and PDF/X-4 standards.

Jo Brunenberg, senior technology consultant for Roto Smeets said of the release, ‘I’m glad that the GWG with the support of Adobe and the other GWG vendor members ha been wiling to design the technical concept of such a Proof of Preflight that will automatically insert the necessary metadata in the PDF upon preflight.’

The latest specification can bedownloaded free of charge.

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