Ghent PDF Workgroup announces Ghent Output Suite 2.0

Ghent PDF Workgroup has announced is updated Ghent Output Suite, aimed at empowering the PDF workflows and handling of PDFs. Ghent Output Suite 2.0 offers eight new PDF patches for issues relating to PDFs and print workflows. In addition Ghent tweaked the existing patches and revised documentation to ensure ease of use.

The Ghent Output Suite was also designed to aid developers of applications handling PDF files, according to the company.

Stephen Jaeggi, Technical Officer for the Ghent PDF Workgroup, said, ‘The Ghent PDF Output Suite patches being used for the test pages from PDFX-ready, the Swiss organization that supports its membership with certification. By sending in prints of the certification pages, a print shop can prove that their workflow can handle PDF/X files correctly.’

Jaeggi also noted that 42 companies have already received a PDFX-ready Output Certification.

The Test Suite is distributed in a series of numbered PDF patches which each contain several related tests. While the patches can be used on their own, according to the company, the patches can also be grouped together for improved testing of potential print workflow issues.

All patches conform to either the PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-3 ISO standard and the company noted that new patches will be added and existing patches will continue to be revised in the future.

Users can also receive a white paper in regard to the latest release and samples of Ghent Output Patch evaluations.

To download the latest Ghent Output Patches and updated specifications, including newly added vertical application specs, users can go here.

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