Getting Snappy with Snapshots

A new feature with Acrobat 6 is the Snapshot. A Snapshot is an area of a PDF page or the whole page that you define with the SnapShot tool that becomes a destination for use in actions (links, bookmarks etc).

To create a snapshot of an area or piece of text first Choose the SnapShot Tool from the Basic Toolbar.

Now select an area that you want to be the destination you eventually want to link to (The dotted lines indicate the selected area).

Note: If you click once on the page the entire page will be copied to the clipboard.

After selecting an area you will get a dialog box letting you know your image has been captured to the clipboard.

The next step is to create a link or any other Acrobat object that can activate an ‘action’ (ie Bookmark) to point to your snapshot destination.

Choose the Link Tool from the Advanced Editing Toolbar and create a Link on the page.

In the Link Properties Dialog select the Custom link type at the bottom and click OK.

All we have to do here is select the type of link Action, which in our case we want ‘Go To Snapshot View’

Once you click OK a dialog prompts you to convert the snapshot to a linkable destination. Choose OK here as well.

Click the ‘Add’ button to add this snapshot action into the list of actions for this Link.

So when you click the link from your source document, it will take your newly created snapshot.

Happy Snapping!

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