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The presumption that PDF is an ancient, inflexible file type is an uncalculated thought. PDF is constantly changing, updating, evolving with the reckless pace of technological change that is taking place. Yet it remains in a state of fidelity which is where the value in the digital format rests. We are in contemporaneous times where the requirement to innovate is seen as a bear minimum for bringing a product to market.

With such a prolific and poetic entry into a tech article, it is only right that we lead into a most pronounced introduction of the latest innovation of PDF technology.

The PDF Maps is a geospatial PDF and an extension of the ISO 32000 standard. GEO PDF reader and GEOtiff reader is for Apple Reader, Apple iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Geospational and GEOtiff reader for Android is the first to market. The software utilizes extensive databases of 100,000+ comprehensive maps, contributed from orienteering, government mapping aficionados, cartographers and the few people that were inspired by their 10th grade geography class to make maps for the rest of their life’s.

Separated by a key point of difference from competitor’s applications the technology controlling the GPS signalling is unique. Mobile devices can provide outdoor enthusiasts constant access to geographic locations and points of interest without the risk getting lost due to reception and cell tower proximity.

Ted Florence, president of Avenza Systems Inc of the company that developed the app, believes that he’s map breaks away from a saturated market, by ‘ providing a free navigational app that catered to a segment of users who needed something more substantial than the average turn-by-turn digital maps offered today, while providing map-publishers with an iTunes-like environment for distributing their maps direct to devices.”

Next time you hear someone suggest PDF is ancient educate them, because this file type and the brave companies willing to adopt and use the technology, are shifting with the times– out manoeuvring their competitors by being leaner and more efficient.

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