Free Acumen Journal newsletter for September 2004

The free Acumen Journal presents two monthly articles, one — ‘The Acrobat User‘ — featuring advanced uses of Adobe Acrobat, and the second — ‘PostScript Tech‘ — covering some aspect of PostScript programming.

For September, the technical features by John Deubert of Acumen Training are:

  • The Acrobat User: ‘JavaScript: Creating a Nagware PDF Document, Part 1’

    Deubert shows how to create a PDF-based shareware document that repeatedly asks for money. If ignored, the document becomes increasingly strident, eventually rendering itself unreadable.

    Acumen Journal September 2004

  • PostScript Tech: ‘Colorizing Images with Separation and DeviceN’

    He presents a useful, though little-known technique, using the Separation and DeviceN colorspaces to modify image colors. Among other things, this allows us to simulate printing images on a colored background.

The free Acumen Journal for September 2004 [PDF: 665kb] can be downloaded from Planet PDF, as well as from the TARGET=’_NEW’>Acumen Training Web site.

The issue also includes the schedules and
dates for Acumen’s Acrobat, PostScript and other related

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