Free Acumen Journal newsletter for November 2004

The free Acumen Journal presents two monthly articles, one
— ‘The Acrobat User‘ — featuring advanced uses of
Adobe Acrobat, and the second — ‘PostScript Tech‘ —
covering some aspect of PostScript programming.

For November, the technical features by John Deubert of
Acumen Training are:

  • The Acrobat User: ‘JavaScript: Creating a Nagware PDF

    Document, Part 2′

    Deubert finishes the nagware document he started in the
    previous issue. This Acrobat document periodically asks the
    user for payment, eventually rendering itself unreadable if
    the user doesn’t type in a serial number.

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  • PostScript Tech: ‘Using EPS Files in Handwritten
    PostScript Code’

    People who do variable data printing frequently do so with
    handwritten PostScript code. Encapsulated PostScript files
    provide a very convenient way to include in these files logos
    and other graphics created in applications such as Adobe
    Illustrator and Photoshop.

The free href=’/planetpdf/pdfs/AcumenJournal_Nov04.pdf’>Acumen Journal
for November 2004 [PDF: 636kb] can be downloaded from
Planet PDF, as well as from the HREF=’’
TARGET=’_NEW’>Acumen Training Web site.

The issue also includes the schedules and dates for
Acumen’s Acrobat, PostScript and other related classes.

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