Free Acumen Journal Newsletter for January 2005

The free Acumen Journal presents two monthly articles, one
— ‘The Acrobat User‘ — featuring advanced uses of
Adobe Acrobat, and the second — ‘PostScript Tech‘ —
covering some aspect of PostScript programming.

The current issue of John Deubert’s free monthly
newsletter features articles on ‘Exporting Form Data to a Spreadsheet in Acrobat 7’ for Acrobat users and ‘A Bulletproof Minimum Linewidth’ for PostScript techies.

For January 2005, the technical features by John Deubert of
Acumen Training are:

  • The Acrobat User: ‘Exporting Form Data to a Spreadsheet in Acrobat 7’

    Acrobat 7 lets you convert a set of FDF form data files into a single, comma-delimited file that may be imported into your favorite spreadsheet. This is a great aid for those who don’t have server-side processing software.

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  • PostScript Tech: ‘A Bulletproof Minimum Linewidth’

    People who work with driver output may need to impose a minimum linewidth so that hairlines don’t disappear. This is relatively easy to do with a redefinition of setlinewidth, but making it work regardless of the current state of User Space is a little tricky; we shall use the rarely-seen dtransform operator.

The free href=’/planetpdf/pdfs/AcumenJournal_Jan05.pdf’>Acumen Journal
for January 2005 [PDF: 532kb] can be downloaded from
Planet PDF, as well as from the HREF=’’
TARGET=’_NEW’>Acumen Training Web site.

The issue also includes the schedules and dates for
Acumen’s Acrobat, PostScript and other related classes.

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