Free Acumen Journal newsletter for Feb. 2004

The free Acumen Journal presents two monthly articles, one — ‘The Acrobat User‘ — featuring advanced uses of Adobe Acrobat, and the second — ‘PostScript Tech‘ — covering some aspect of PostScript programming.

For February, the technical features by John Deubert of Acumen Training are:

  1. The Acrobat User: ‘Acrobat 6 Preflighting, Part 1’

    — Acrobat 6 introduced a built-in preflight feature that can give you a great deal of information about your PDF files and help you avoid problems. This month, Part 1, Deubert shows how to run a preflight session and interpret its results.
  2. PostScript Tech: ‘Setpagedevice and Mysteriously Blank Pages’

    — The setpagedevice operator is PostScript’s hook into printer specific features. It brought a much-needed consistency to PostScript Level 2. It also introduced a rare but very strange problem in some files: pages that unaccountably print blank.

Acumen Journal Feb 2004

The free Acumen Journal for February 2004 [PDF: 523kb] can be downloaded from Planet PDF, as well as from the Acumen Training Web site.

The issue also includes the schedules and dates for Acumen’s forthcoming Acrobat, PostScript and other related classes; he recently launched a new, four-day ‘PDF File Content and Structure‘ course.

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