Foxit launches Embedded PDF SDK for Android and iOS platforms

Foxit Corporation, a leading provider of PDF solutions, has announced that its popular Embedded PDF Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available for Android and iOS platforms. The SDK allows developers for mobile platforms to build PDF functionality into their applications for displaying, searching and annotating PDF documents.

Foxit’s Embedded PDF SDK offers high-quality rendering, robust end-user controls, platform independence, stability, speed, security and has a small footprint. The SDK is platform-independent and supports Windows Mobile, Android and iOS. Foxit also provides around-the-clock support to developers.

The key features of Foxit Embedded PDF SDK include:

  • Secure and stable development environment.
  • Highly optimized PDF rendering engine, for delivering superior rendering speeds on mobile devices with limited resources. The rendering engine gracefully handles transparency, smooth shadings, dash patterns and embedded fonts.
  • Enhanced memory management, for efficiently using the cache and providing control to developers for further optimization.
  • Out-of-memory management, which enables the developers to handle out-of-memory conditions.
  • Progressive processing, which allows the developers and hardware manufacturers to use idle system resources for improving the user experience.
  • PDF reflow capabilities, for automatic re-arrangement of content from a full-sized PDF document to a small display on mobile devices.
  • PDF annotations, for developing the markup capabilities in applications.
  • Fully-compatible with PDF Standard 1.7.

Read more about the SDK at the Foxit website.

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