Forms – Using event.change

A question appeared on one of the discussion lists involving how to emulate one of those

stupid Department-of-Motor-Vehicle sort of forms where you have a little square box for

every letter of your name, and you can fit only one character to a box. The person asking

about this wanted to know how to set it up so that the cursor would jump immediately to the

next field after the user typed a single character.

The obvious answer is that you set up this retarded SAT-exam type of form by using one

little-bitty square text field per letter, then use some kind of script to make the cursor

jump to the next field as soon as a key is hit. The key to making this kind of script work

is to do it as a custom keystroke filter (Field Properties:Format:Custom, then the

bottom Edit button). The other key to making it work is that the form should be running under version 4.05 of Reader or Acrobat so you can use the setFocus() method. When you want to force a jump to field ‘b’, you just do:


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