Flipbook Maker For Small and Medium Business Owners Released by A-PDF

The PDF format is one that is favoured over Image and document as the preferred choice by businesses to capture, present and share their business information to other people. A-PDF have come up with a new Flipbook Maker integrating PDF for users to easily convert batch PDF files transforming them into flipbooks. Flip books are the same as PDF documents but they have been converted in such a way that when navigating it appears as if the user is turning the pages.

With Flipbook Maker, users can create

  • Enhanced e-books for presentation e.g.

    • Brouchures
    • Wedding books
    • Photo albums
    • Catalogs
    • Books

  • Flash page flip brochures

For the full prelease and link to A-PDF’s 3D PDF flipbook maker click here.

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