FlashPaper vs PDF, Part 4

Part 3


The ability to mark up a PDF document with comments, annotations is an extremely useful function. If I have the full version of Acrobat I can mark-up a document forward it on and the recipients can make further comments or adjust my comments.

The FlashPaper format as it stands has no support for such technology, basically rendering any FlashPaper document as purely onscreen paper.


FlashPaper PDF
Security N Y
Portability 2 9
Font Embedding N Y
Interactive Features 2 9
Control over Creation 1 9
Bookmarks N Y
Thumbnails N Y
Anchors/Named Destinations N Y
Navigation 3 8
Commenting N Y
Send via Email N Y
Embed Document in other Applications 8 8
Select Text N Y
Maximum Zoom 250% 6400%
Creation Method GDI/OS PostScript
Creation Accuracy 7 9
Layers Y* (not natively) Y
Hyperlinks N Y
Backward Compatibility 7 8
Content Extraction N Y
Content Repurposing N Y
Read Only Y Y* (security dependent)
Document Information N Y
Composite Document N* (unless combined prior) Y
Language Support 7 8
Platform Support 7 8
Support for Large Page Sizes Y Y
Large Document Support Y Y
Forms N Y
Ease of Use 9 9
Distribution 6 8
Viewing Platform Distribution 7 7
Programming Interface N Y
Plugin Environment N Y
Small File Size 8 8
Compression on Graphics Y Y
Support for Transparency Y * (source dependent) Y


FlashPaper has a lot of potential to provide source content in a form that is useful inside other MacroMedia technologies (Director, ShockWave, AuthorWare) and also in common web standards such as HTML.

However its future usefulness as a means to sharing content may be limited by either the underlying document format or the viewing technology.

The table above highlights some of the key differences between the two document formats and also has a rating from 1 to 10 on key areas of importance, with 10 being the better score (better feature support).

Please understand that it’s very hard to stay unbiased when talking about PDF, I have been using PDF since day one and have been completely convinced of its usefulness and purpose.

All comments in this document are strictly my own opinion, not influenced by any company or third party, it’s also important to note that I only had the trial version of Contribute/FlashPaper for testing.


Part 3

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