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Want to find a keyword or phrase quickly in your large PDF using Adobe Acrobat 7? It’s easy! Acrobat’s ‘Find’ feature made a triumphant return in Acrobat 7, and allows users to carry out simple searches for text within individual PDF documents, much like the ‘Find’ features in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Word. Acrobat’s ‘Search’ feature is still alive and well, but in this tip, we’ll concern ourselves with its simpler — lightning-fast — cousin.

  1. Hold Ctrl + F — the ‘Find’ toolbar will appear. If it was already visible, then the cursor will jump to it to allow text entry.
  2. Type in your selected keyword or phrase and select either ‘Find Previous’ or ‘Find Next’ — Adobe Acrobat will search through either forwards or backwards based on your choice, and will highlight the first instance of the specified phrase.
  3. Keep selecting either ‘Find Previous’ or ‘Find Next’ to locate further instances.

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If you want to locate keywords or phrases in other PDF documents in your computer, you’ll need to use the ‘Search’ feature, but that’s a tip for another day.

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