Final winners of ‘Acrobat 7 for Windows and Macintosh’ book

In collaboration with Peachpit Press, we recently hosted a promotional contest to give away eight copies of the ‘Adobe Acrobat 7 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual Quickstart Guide‘ book by Jennifer Alspach. We’ve randomly selected and named all eight winners (details below). This contest is now closed.

You can ad and/or download a sample chapter on ‘Reviewing‘ excerpted from this book and republished with permission. Members of the global Planet PDF community can obtain a special purchase discount on this and other relevant books from Peachpit and Adobe Press.

The final list of winners, and their responses to the contest’s Qualify Question, are:

  • Briefly (1-2 paragraphs at most) explain why you have purchased/upgraded to, or when you plan to upgrade to, Acrobat 7.0 — i.e. are there new or improved features that are of particular interest?


  • Lily Yee

    Info Systems Security Specialist

    U.S. Postal Service – Inspection Service

    A: ‘One of the major draws for me to upgrade was the new feature that allows for reviews and/or collaboration of PDFs from users of Acrobat Reader 7.0. The second reason is that I was using Version 5.0 — 2 major versions old!.’

  • Tom Henciek


    Twenty2 Productions

    A: ‘I will upgrade as soon as Pitstop Pro/Server becomes compatible with Acrobat 7. Adobe has added a lot of nice features, some that can eliminate a few of the things PitStop can do, but not completely. Having the automation with PitStop Server is the key though. So until then I will not upgrade yet.’

  • James Simcox

    Document Control


    A: ‘I recently upgraded to Acrobat 7 Professional (from 6 Standard) to be able to add interactive form fields to documents. Acrobat 7 Pro’s new Organizer is a terrific feature – allowing me to access documents quickly without filtering through files on a server. I used to use Word for document reviews. With the new Reader 7 review capabilities I am going to switch most my reviews to Acrobat.’

  • Leigh Hurley

    Owner/editor/designer/web mistress

    Good Idea Creative Services

    A: ‘We publish and retail e-books, and at this point use PDF format exclusively for our titles. I use Adobe Creative Suite CS, and the integration of In Design with Acrobat 7 is superb as it allows a lot of PDF interactivity to be set up in master pages in In Design (I no longer have to tediously set and reset links in Acrobat every time I send an In Design file to be proofed in Acrobat); I can switch back and forth between the two applications quickly and easily; and there is more flexibility in setting security features.’

  • Paul Kelly


    Gecko Graphics inc.

    A: ‘I love everything Adobe puts out. I plan to use the Organizer, and look forward to getting my clients to participate in electronic reviews.’

  • Jennifer Davis


    A: ‘I work in the advertising industry — much of it print advertising — with tight, unrelenting and unforgiving deadlines. Acrobat allows me to proof ads electronically using Acrobat forms and digital signatures quickly and efficiently. Final PDF files are then created from Quark or InDesign using customised job-options for each individual publication. The fact that Acrobat 7.0 Professional users can now give any Adobe Reader (6.0 or 7.0) user permission to review and markup PDF documents makes the whole production/proofing cycle client friendly — happy clients mean business success. Now all I have to do is make sure I know how to drive Acrobat 7 to maximum capacity!’

  • John Tunison


    jftunison creative services consultancy

    A: ‘I have been using Acrobat 7 Reader for awhile, and even though I have the normal qualms about any X.0 release, the clean new look and the annotation features have me convinced that there is no standing still — even though most of my clients are still only using v. 6, or 5 or 4. I have seen the future — and I like it!’

  • Heather Russell

    Training and Support Specialist

    Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP

    A: ‘Our firm is upgrading to 7.0 Pro for the forms features. We also had so many problems trying to get 6.0 Pro, we went with 7.0. We look forward to using the forms, as well as Organizer.’

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