EzPDFlibrary a pirated version of Quick PDF Library

Planet PDF is a division of Debenu.

Planet PDF has been alerted to the possibility that a pirated version of Debenu’s flagship product is being sold under the name ‘EzPDFlibrary’. Debenu reports that it is taking appropriate action, and that it seeks to warn potential customers of the risks.

According to the original blog post by Debenu co-founder and CTO, Rowan Hanna:

EzPDFlibrary is a pirated version of Quick PDF Library. I won’t link to their website, but it’s not hard to find. They have stolen the source code, documentation and samples and re-branded it as their own. They are now selling this software to unsuspecting customers. This is of course completely illegal, infringes our copyright for Quick PDF Library and of course defrauds innocent people of hard earned money.

While the original post is dated December 2, 2010, comments on the page indicate that EzPDFlibrary was available online from loslab.com as recently as September of this year.

Hanna and CEO Karl De Abrew urge those who encounter EzPDFlibrary or any of its variants to contact Debenu immediately.

To find out more about Quick PDF Library generally, check out www.QuickPDFLibrary.com.

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