Extracting all text from a PDF at once

To extract all text from a PDF you need to understand that Acrobat has three ways in which pages can be viewed: Single, Continuous and Continuous – Facing.

Changing the page view to Continuous (or Continuous – Facing)
will allow you to select all text.

Acrobat 4.0

Method: Open the PDF in Acrobat. Go to the View menu and
select the Continuous option. Go to the Edit menu and choose the
Select All option. Copy the text you have selected and paste it
in to you word processing program.

src=’http://www.planetpdf.com/acrobuddies/images/copyalltext.gif’ width=’489′ height=’283’>

Acrobat 3.0

Acrobat 3.0 requires a little more effort for you to extract all text.

  1. Zoom to the lowest magnification you can (12%)
  2. Change the page view to ‘Continuous – Facing Pages’
  3. Choose the Select Text tool
  4. Starting from the first page, click, hold down the button, and then drag the cursor down so that the pages begin to be selected. Once you get to the bottom of what is in view the document should start to scroll so that you are are capturing the text of all
    pages. Once you get to the last page, copy the text and paste it
    to wherever you normally do.

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