Expanding Your Bookmark Horizons

Did you know that Bookmarks aren’t just limited to ‘Goto View’ actions?

Create a Bookmark and Right Mouse Click its Page Icon, now select ‘Properties…’ (see Figure 1.1). (MAC: Select ‘Properties’ from the Edit menu). From here you can change the Bookmarks destination or even its Action!

Figure 1.1

For example you could make the Bookmark launch a Web Site: From the ‘Properties…’ dialog box, select ‘World Wide Web’ from the Action ‘Type’ drop down list box (see Figure 1.2), then click the ‘Edit URL’ button. All you have to do here is enter a valid Internet Address (like http://www.planetpdf.com) and click Ok and then click ‘Set Action’.

Figure 1.2

When the user clicks the Bookmark they will be taken to the Internet Address.

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