Even Mickey loves a PDF conference

In particular this CRE8 conference has kept its promise in terms of being ahead of the curve, and offers up social media opportunities as well for all the participants. If you’re interested in getting a live view of the show check out Flickr.com and search for CRE8 Orlando. The organizers are hoping that lots of folks upload pictures to the site during the conference.

Additionally, Christopher Smith and his team set up a social networking site, where folks in attendance can network and meet one another, and Smith even taps in Twitter by sending the text ‘follow CRE808’ or if you want to follow the event online simply go to www.Twitter.com/CRE808.

This morning’s keynote was delivered by Michael Eisner and several attendees including myself enjoyed his presentation immensely. Eisner’s investment company Tornante launched Vuguru, which is a studio that produces original programming for the Internet, portable media devices and cell phones. If you’re curious here’s a link to one of the programs.

So where’s the PDF?? Tons of sessions were devoted to PDF including Max Wyss, ’10 Years of Smart PDF’, and we’ll hopefully feature an interview with Max in next week’s news. Dwight Kelly of Apago also gave attendees a great history of the PDF-file format in depth.

In fact, Dwight’s session was so inspiring and full of great information that it spurred me to give an amazing book about ideas away, ‘Awake at the Wheel’ by Mitchell Ditkoff, to the first person who emails me and tells me what the code name for Acrobat was originally.

Dennis Newman also provided all the latest on PDF Standards and the World of ISO, which we’ll cover in next week’s issue as well, and hopefully feature a mini-interview with Dennis as well.

One of the presentations that will surely elicit great response tomorrow is Bob Connelly’s, ‘Creating Rich Media PDF Documents’. Bob is president of PDFpictures, and recently released his book, ‘Dynamic Media: Music, Video, Animation and the Web in Adobe PDF’, which I encourage all PDFers to buy.

That’s it for now, and look for more next week!

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