Entrust extending secure e-mail with Adobe Policy Server content protection

Entrust, Inc. has announced the planned addition of several new delivery methods to its secure e-mail gateway appliance, Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server. Entrust will be integrating with the Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server, adding support for PGP and enhancing its Web mail capabilities. Organizations will be able to centrally control how their email messages will be protected, and can more flexibly adapt to the needs and capabilities of internal and external message recipients.

The Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server provides customers with automatic protection of sensitive e-mail communications — in a format that is transparent to the sender, is driven by what protection level is required, and is delivered to the recipient via the most suitable format. Security credentials for external recipients are transparently managed at the gateway on behalf of the organization.

As a part of the expanded delivery options, Entrust’s secure e-mail gateway is also being integrated with the Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server to allow for the dynamic conversion of sensitive e-mail communications to policy-protected Adobe PDF documents. This integration is an industry first, and will provide organizations with the unique ability to protect e-mail content persistently, long after the recipient receives the email. Content protection applied to the PDF document can help prevent the document from being printed, opened by unintended recipients, or cut and pasted, while enforcing the expiry of the message contents.

‘Adobe is pleased to be working with Entrust to bring persistent and flexible content protection to enterprise email traffic,’ says Ivan Koon, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Documents Business Unit at Adobe. ‘Our combined solution offers a centrally managed approach to help customers meet their compliance requirements. We believe the new Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server adds significant value in a secure email environment, by ensuring that message senders maintain control over what is done with their proprietary or confidential information.’

With the addition of new delivery methods, the Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server will be able to handle a broad range of secure delivery formats:

  • S/MIME: Industry-standard support for Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes environments that can be installed on the desktop for ‘end-to-end’ security or at the gateway for boundary-only encryption
  • WebMail Center: Offers both a full-featured secure web mail portal and an option for delivering encrypted HTML that eases secure communications with customers or partners in various e-mail environments
  • PGP: Supports the automatic conversion of plain text or S/MIME to PGP and vice versa, and includes the centralized management of PGP credentials
  • Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server: Integration to help enable the policy-driven protection of e-mail communications using content protection capabilities delivered by the Adobe’s LiveCycle Policy Server and compatible capabilities in Adobe Acrobat® 7.0 software.

The PGP and WebMail functionality is planned for commercial availability in the summer of 2005, with the Adobe integration available later in the year.

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