Enhanced pdf-Recover Server announced for Mac OS X

UNIVERSE Software GmbH, a provider of PDF solutions, announced an update to its pdf-Recover Server software for Mac OS X. The new version of pdf-Recover Server supports the use of hot folders, a user specified directories or folders for monitoring and automatic decryption of PDF files.

The new pdf-Recover Server allow users to specify hot folders for monitoring and automatic decryption of PDF files through pre-configured passwords. Hot folder is a folder that can be easily accessed and users can specify certain actions on that folder. The software now fully automates the process by removing passwords from PDF files before initiating any subsequent processing or printing. pdf-Recover Server works in background on the server and can handle large number of PDF documents. pdf-Recover Server supports the decryption of PDF documents with encryption up to 256 bit AES.

Read more about this software or download a free trial version at UNIVERSE Software website.

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