Enhanced PDF 1.7 for iOS

Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd., a Canada-based developer of iOS Apps, has announced an enhanced PDF 1.7, the latest update to its universal document viewer app for the iOS platform. The app employs the company’s proprietary LargeViewer technology to convert and pre-render large PDF documents for smooth scrolling and zooming. PDF 1.7 can handle oversized and multi-page PDF documents.

PDF 1.7 has been designed specifically to handle large PDF files while preventing slow-downs and crashes from viewing large PDF files. The large, oversized PDF document requires the user to tap the Pre-render button, wait for the screen to turn green and then tap the Viewer button. The key features of PDF 1.7 include:

  • Accelerated, multi-page PDF file viewing.
  • Pre-rendering, through LargeViewer technology, allows smooth scrolling and display.
  • Compatible with Dropbox, an online document service. Allows to download documents from Dropbox.
  • Responsive sub-second scrolling and zooming through large documents.

PDF 1.7 requires iOS 4.0 or later, but performs regardless of screen-size or the amount of memory built-in to iOS devices.

To fine out more about the app, check out the product webpage.

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