Enfocus Software launches PitStop Automate at Print 05

Enfocus has announced a new solution for automation and quality assurance in print production environments. Enfocus PitStop Automate was launched at Print 05, and has been built on the Enfocus PitStop Library platform in order to add automation power to the production process.

‘With Enfocus Instant PDF we have successfully established a solution for reliable Certified PDF creation, making it easier for individual document creators to deliver error-free PDF files,’ said Patrick Van Dam, Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing for Enfocus Software. ‘Enfocus PitStop Automate serves both those companies wanting to streamline the creation and delivery of larger volumes of Certified PDF files, as well as those on the receiving end; looking to maximize the efficiency advantages of all Enfocus’ technologies, but needing them combined with more powerful automation capabilities than we could previously offer.’

The Mac version is scheduled for release in Q1, 2006, with the Windows version also expected some time in the first half of the new year. More information on the release can be found at www.enfocus.com.

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