Embedding SVG in PDF

We’ve drawn attention to a freely available, experimental plug-in developed by Leonard Rosenthol of PDF Sages that allows the embedding of a Scalable Vector Graphics File (SVG) into PDF, extending the multimedia capabilities of the format.

When Leonard announced recently on an SVG discussion list that a first working version (initially for Windows) of the plug-in was available for testing and feedback, the response was enthusiastic, including a reference and link from one list member to an interesting example [PDF: 120kb] of what can be done with embedding SVG files into PDFs.

The PDF file of a US Census 2000 map showing the country by ethnic and age distribution. The map contains interactive hotspots on each state — moving the cursor to different hotspots reveals data specific to that state about its relevant statistics.


So much for Jakob Nielsen and his myth of only-useful-for-printing PDF files!

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