Eltima updates Recover PDF Password for Mac

Eltima Software, a software developer for Mac and Windows platform, has announced the release of version 3.0 of Recover PDF Password for Mac, its software for recovering passwords for PDF documents. Eltima Software has improved the speed of password recovery software and has enhanced the password-search process.

Recover PDF Password for Mac 3.0 allows users to recover lost or forgotten passwords for PDF documents. The newer version has been optimized to effectively utilize system resources on multi-core computers for faster results. The Recover PDF Password for Mac 3.0 features a new dictionary search method which allows users to recover passwords based on a dictionary of 400,000 words. This method is useful when the lost password was originally created from a word or from a combination of words.

The software can recover ‘Owner’ and ‘User’ passwords. Recover PDF Password for Mac 3.0 also includes the ‘Decrypt’ option which allows usres to create an unprotected copy of a PDF document that was protected with an ‘Owner’ password.

Check more on this software at Recover PDF Password for Mac.

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