DSI enhances PDFs for accessibility and usability

Document Solutions, Inc. (DSI), a provider of services, consulting and middleware for PDF technology applications based in Oakland, CA, announces the immediate availability of remediation services for existing PDF files to ensure compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

As of June 2001, Section 508 requires U.S. federal government agencies and their contractors to produce electronic documents in accessible form. Many state and local governments, educational institutions and businesses have begun adopting mandates to ensure their content is accessible to disabled individuals.

‘Many Federal government and contractor Web sites have revised their HTML since 2001 to comply with Section 508,’ says Duff Johnson, CEO of Document Solutions. ‘However, their PDF files — often a third or more of the total online content — are the glaring exception.’

‘We estimate that as of Q1 2004, less than one percent of PDF files deployed online by the Federal Government comply with 508,’ says Johnson. ‘Even fewer private-sector documents comply, even though Section 508 is mandated for many federal contractors.’

DSI’s new Section 508 Compliance service is available on a per-page basis. Submitted files are processed and returned to replace the existing PDFs on enterprise servers. At the same time, DSI also ‘refreshes’ the PDF files — adding enhanced usability features such as bookmarks, form fields, or other PDF features as needed, and reducing file size.

‘There’s no longer any excuse for government and business treating disabled users as second-class citizens,’ says Johnson. ‘In combination with commercially available systems for Section 508 remediation in HTML, DSI’s unique solution for PDF compliance bridges the gap between the good intentions and sad reality of non-compliant government and contractor-originated content.’

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