Drumlin launches Click and Go” PDF publishing solution”

Drumlin Security, a provider of document security solutions, has announced the launch of its new ‘Click and Go’ PDF publishing solution, a single combined ‘Document plus Reader’. The new solution does not require any software installation and pricing starts from 25 cents per book.

The new solution is built from the free Drumlin PDF Reader/Publisher coupled with Drumlin’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) service and the new ‘Click and Go’ software. The ‘Click and Go’ software creates an executable which encapsulates the encrypted PDF and the Drumlin PDF reader into a single file. The end user then just needs to click the executable which will launch the book without any need for software installation or registration. Also, there is no need for Publishers to install specialised software on their website and the DRM can be easily integrated with existing eCommerce or Shopping Cart modules.

The new service allows the Publishers to create and safely distribute secure PDFs to end users via email, on CDs or from their websites. ‘Click and Go’ executable files require a valid authorisation code before they can be read from an authorised PC. PDF files can be protected to stop unauthorised copying & printing, viewing outside of specified start and end dates, and screen-grabbing. The solution allows for password protection and watermarking of protected documents. Drumlin provides an initial set of 5 authorisation codes free-of-charge, and subsequent codes can be bought online from Drumlin Store.

Read more on this solution at Drumlin Click and Go PDF Solution

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