Drawloop introduces LOOP to PDF for iGoogle

Irvine, California-based Drawloop has released a new Google Gadget for converting files into PDF documents. LOOP to PDF combines the iGoogle’s user-defined homepages with Drawloop’s free online document service, making it easy to convert files to PDF. The new widget also provides an easy way to document web pages while browsing the Internet, allowing users can document URLs with the click of a button and then download or combine the web pages with other files to a single PDF.

‘We want to provide Google users with a more convenient way to convert files to PDF within their personalized Google Homepage,’ said Vincent Cabral, VP of Product Development. ‘We are also excited to introduce a quick and easy way to document Internet browsing and research. By allowing the user to add multiple URLs and then convert those pages to one combined PDF, we will help simplify the Internet research and browsing experience.’

You can learn more about our Google Gadget by visiting Drawloop’s corporate blog. LOOP to PDF for iGoogle is available today from iGoogle.com.

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