Donna Baker Competition Final Book Winners Announced

We’ve named our final five winners of our Ted Padova/Donna Baker book competition.
These winners will receive a copy of the Adobe Acrobat 7 Tips & Tricks, by Donna Baker. This ends our month long book competition but stay tuned to Planet PDF for more competitions, coming soon.


  • Briefly (1-2 paragraphs at most) explain your favorite, personal or organizational, tip or trick using Adobe Acrobat 7 or Adobe Reader 7 – a tip or trick that saves you time, makes your work flow effortless or is simply so cool you would like to share it with Planet PDF’s community.

The final list of winners, and their responses to the contest’s Qualifying Question, are:

  • Elane Barber

    Production Assistant

    The Courier News

    A: I work for The Courier News – a small town paper with about 5500-6000 readers. In our classified section, whatever copy ‘spills’ over into the ROP (run of press) pages causes a problem. I work on a MAC and the Classified person processes the Class on a PC, so there is quite a bit of kerning. Since that portion of the Class is usually legal ads and they are measured to be billed to the customer, they must be exact in every edition of the paper that they run in. By PDFing the Class first, then extracting the ‘Spill’ there is NO KERNING and problem solved – I started doing this about 5-6 months ago and it saves me an immense amount of time and trouble and gives us the accuracy needed.

  • Kim Kennedy

    IT Specialist

    U.S Geological Survey

    A: On a monthly basis, I must take an updated file that contains structured format rent bill listings by state (each state can have multiple records)and link it up to a pre-existing State Table of contents page. Since I need to find the first record for each state, I use the link feature and first search on a unique set of characters to identify each records. I am then able to link up the state TOC with the almost 300 page file! It becomes a totally searchable document retaining the format.

  • Mark Williams

    Marketing Assistant

    FunAsset Limited

    A: Take the pain out of printing large volumes of PDF documents by simply pasting them within a ‘Watched’ folder monitored by 3rd party plug-in SilentPrint PDF Plus. Immediately your PDFs will be automatically printed without further intervention from yourself. The solution can also be used for automatically converting large batches of documents such as DOC, HTM, WPD, XLS, JPG and TIF to PDF, and is compatible with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat 5, 6 or 7.

  • Iris Ortiz

    Graphic Designer Specialist

    Banco Popular de Puerto Rico

    A: For Acrobat Professional 7 the most useful feature for me is in Designer (Adobe Designer, bundled with Acrobat 7 Pro). Specifically, the ability to add text lines (for the user to fill out) to the form as needed, meaning my form grows in size only when the user needs it to. This feature is compatible with the latest versions of Acrobat Reader, so all my end users can take advantage of it. When users open the form in Reader they’re directed to the active fields straight away via the ‘Highlight Fields’ feature.

  • Robert D, Hershenow

    Manager, Process Documentation

    AmeriGas Propane

    A: My day-to-day usage of Acrobat usually involves looking at what’s changed within a PDF document. The ‘New Window’ feature (Window > New Window) displays another copy of the current document in a new window, which makes it easy for me to compare two parts of a document to see what’s been changed without going crazy from using Alt+Tab all day long. It’s a great timesaver.

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